Important lessons from a chatbot developer

Important lessons from a chatbot developer

Chatbots are becoming a new way we interact with online brands and digital devices. These are absolute help to people when they want to settle their queries at any hour of the day. In fact, we encounter them almost every day in various scenarios while navigating online. The mass implementation of chatbots in online services leads to a surge in need for chatbot developers. Hence, youngsters can take advantage by taking chatbot training and starting a career in this field.

So, if you want to build your chatbot, and are keen on not making silly mistakes, then what would be better than taking insights from the expert in the field? Let us explore some important lessons from a chatbot developer here:

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of computer program that can process human-like conversation either in a speech or text form. Basically, it aims to make it easier for humans to communicate with digital devices. Chatbots can either be single-line responsive programs or offer personalized assistance to users by processing relevant information.

Important lessons to learn from a chatbot developer

Here are some of the lessons that chatbots developers have been sharing with newbies in the field:

Lesson 1: Make a chatbot with a clear purpose

Many new developers make the mistake of going after the hype. In fact, it is a golden rule for chatbot building that instead of creating something that’s trending, work on a program that has a certain purpose of serving. So, when you decide to introduce your chatbot to the potential audience, give them a clear idea of its purpose and capabilities. This way, your audience will not over-expect from the chatbot.

Lesson 2: Do not overload your chatbot with features

Never overload your chatbot with features to make it an all-rounder. Doing this can set your chatbot to failure. Also, trying to make a chatbot master each task is complex and might cause a glitch in its functions. As per a chatbot developer, it is better to design a chatbot with expertise in one or two tasks to its full capacity instead of letting it fail in multiple tasks. Make sure you focus on delivering quality, not quantity, to your audience.

Lesson 3: Keep the conversation simple and short

Chatbots are conversational AI; they are a great aid for users as they help them to navigate through a website or online service. But, it is important to keep the conversation in flow with the audience. Hence, ensure you are following these aspects while building your chatbot:

  • Keep its interactions understandable and concise.
  • Do not add jargon words while communicating with the audience.
  • Make sure your chatbot is clearly expressing its purpose to the user.

Lesson 4: Make it more interesting

The idea of a chatbot is exciting, but inanimate text conversation can bore the users quickly. So, don’t hesitate to do some experiments with its design. You should try to mix it up with emojis, animated GIfs, images, and so on. Your primary intent should be to keep the conversation between your chatbot and users fun and engaging. Also, the chatbot developer advises giving your bot a unique personality too. So, it can stand out in front of customers.

Lesson 5: Redirect it to human assistance

After spending endless hours using and testing your chatbot, you will get familiar with navigating your website using the chatbot. However, once your audience starts using your bots, the issue of endless “I don’t know” replies might surface. And, that will definitely be a bad experience for them. Hence, instead of letting your audience get stuck in that infinite loop, you should offer them to connect with a human assistant. For this, set your chatbot in a way that it redirects a user at most after they get three times “I don’t Know” replies on the bot to an option to “connect to a human.” You need to make sure your users leave your site with satisfaction.

To smoothly perform all the Dos and Don’ts of creating a chatbot, you can first take chatbot training and get familiar with essential concepts.


Chatbots are the future of interaction between users and brands. In fact, most digital users like to converse with a chatbot to solve their issues rather than calling a human support team member. Hence, a chatbot developer’s responsibility is to offer customers an easy-to-use and satisfying chatbot experience. We advise you to enrol in a chatbot certification program to gain in-depth knowledge and best practices for creating a chatbot. Further, it will help you to build a quality chatbot.

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