Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert™

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the machines which are programmed and designed in such a way that they act and think like a human. It becomes an important part of our daily life and used in a wide area of day to day services. The introduction of AI brings the idea of the error-free world and slowly introduce in all the sector that reduce human effort and give an accurate and faster result.

Becoming a certified AI Expert by earning Global Tech Council’s Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert certification is the key to a gratifying career in the AI sphere. This certification is specially crafted by experts in AI and covers questions from basic concepts to the very core. Certified AI Expert training is an expertly curated and excellently designed training, rendering profound knowledge on various aspects of AI. Getting certified as an AI developer will uplift your career.

Training Duration

12 hours

Access Duration


Certification Exam


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