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Network security certifications are the first line of defence to hacking and other cyber threats. It’s easy and that is why network security becomes so important. given estimates that cybercrime would cause $6 trillion in global damage by 2021.

Yet, just as there are several there is a confusing array…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the machines which are programmed and designed in such a way that they act and think like a human. It becomes an important part of our daily life and used in a wide area of day to day services. …

What are the objectives of this Cyber security training course

Cyber attacks and their complexity have developed at astounding rates over several years. It’s not like people are unaware of this threat. It is essential to realize there are no guarantees to cyber assaults; people spend a lot of time educating and delivering solutions. This includes avoiding, safeguarding, and planning…

Certified Pentesting Expert is specially designed for the Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment. The certification focuses on the deep knowledge of web hacking techniques and methodologies.

This specialized course helps individuals to understand the real-world challenges and techniques. By earning this certification, individuals can master the techniques of Pentesting and further can use those skills to provide solutions to the companies.

The demand for Penetration Tester in the industries is on the rise. Unlock the career opportunity by enrolling in this course.

Training Duration

8 hours

Access Duration

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